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Pastor: John Price
Youth Leaders: Joel and Susan Price
Office Secretary: Angela Martin
Custodians: Dennis Peterson & Joel Price


Moderator: Lyndall Frantz
Assistant Moderator:Joel Price
Clerk: Lois Frantz

Nurture Commission

This commission shall plan, correlate and direct the total education program of the church, and coordinate the social and recreation programs of the church.  This Commission shall also work with the pastor in planning and supervising the various activities and functions which pertain to pastoral care, preaching, and worship.

Chair: Cheryl Leib
Carolyn Trent / Sue Vacca

Commission Appointments:
Head Usher: Dennis "Butch" Peterson
Mirror Editor: Susan Price
Director of Music: Susan Price
Worship Service Floral Arrangements: Carolyn Trent
Pianist: Tim Mitoma, Pam Franklin, Susan Price
Children’s Church Leader: Joel Price
Sunday School Teachers: +
+ Primaries: Dennis "Butch" Peterson
+ Juniors: Kathy Price
+ Jr. High and Youth: Susan Price, Joel Price
+ Sojourners: Pam Franklin
+ Mariners: Kay Qualls
Tape Ministry: Dennis "Butch" Peterson
Librarian: Kay Qualls

Witness Commission

This commission shall be responsible for the outreach program beyond the local congregation. This commission provides the nomination for the annual elections.

Chair: Kay Qualls
Pat Benton / Evelyn Hurlbut / Jay Irizarry

Commission Appointments:
Mirror Formatting: Angela Martin
Formatting Mirror Prayer and Birthday Calendar: Angela Martin
Disaster Coordinator: Lyndall Frantz
Representative for Inter-Faith Ministries:
Representative for Crop Walk: Joel Price
Representative for Camp: Joel Price and Lyndall Frantz
Information Technology / Webmaster:
Jeremiah "Jay" Irizarry

Women’s Fellowship


President: Lois Frantz
Vice President: Norma Lutes
Secretary: Wanda Bollinger
Treasurer: Sue Vacca
Projects: Cheryl Leib

Sunshine Committee
Chair: Carolyn Trent,
Pam Franklin, Cheryl Leib, Wanda Bollinger, Norma Lutes

Stewards Commission

This Commission shall estimate the probable expenses and desired outreach for the coming year and shall prepare the budget. This Commission shall serve as the legal representative of the congregation and shall be in charge of the care and maintenance of church properties.

Chair: Dennis "Butch" Peterson
Lyndall Frantz / Joel Price / Vernon Shafer

Commission Appointments:
Auditor: Don Wyatt
Financial Secretary: Don Benton
Tax Clerk: Vern Shafer
Treasurer: Vern Shafer
Accountant: David Hurlbut
Insurance Representative: Lyndall Frantz
Visual Aids: Joel Price
Sound System: Dennis "Butch" Peterson

Church Board

Board Chair: Joel Price Kay Qualls
Dennis “Butch” Peterson Lyndall Frantz
Carolyn Trent Sue Vacca
Vernon Shafer Evelyn Hurlbut
Lois Frantz Pat Benton
Jeremiah "Jay" Irizarry Cheryl Leib

Co-President: Jeremiah "Jay" Irizarry
Co-President: Kay Qualls
Secretary: Pat Benton
Treasurer: Patricia Shafer


Lyndall & Lois Frantz Pat Benton
Carolyn Trent Sue Vacca
Dennis “Butch” Peterson Pam Franklin
Kathy Price Kay Qualls
Vernon & Patricia Shafer  



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