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Is Jesus welcome at your table?
“Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any one hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to them and eat with them, and they with me.”  Rev. 3:20
Scripture Lesson: Luke 14:15-24
Wouldn’t it be sad if you live your whole life expecting to be invited to the banquet of Jesus, The Christ, but are not invited when the hour arrives?
What else can this scripture mean?
God is going to have a full table at the banquet of Jesus, when that day comes.
Will the best be invited first, then when they refuse, by being busy with “other” things, God invites the “other people”?
Never forget that the despised will go in before those who think they are holy but are not at all.
Is this yet another warning that being holy in front of others is not what counts?
Being religious get you no where in the Kingdom of God.
I like the saying that we are not perfect, just redeemed.
Redeemed, redeemed, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb!
Ok, picture this, the door bell rings, you go peek through the peep hole and who do you see, JESUS!
Standing at your door waiting to come in to share time with you.
How would you react?
Would you need some time to “make” the place ready?
Hide a few things, change the TV station.
What ever it might take to get proper to entertain Jesus.
Why bother, he already knows, he even knows those thoughts that you do not share with anybody.
Those thoughts that you do not want to think but just do.
You can have the control to not act on them.
I have begun giving them to Jesus for him to deal with so that they will leave me alone.
As I thought about this many years ago and imagined my home and where I would not want Jesus to go it was the basement that I would lock so he would not see what was in there.
The basement represented the things that I do not want to admit that I do, or have or think.
Over time I realized that only Jesus can clean my basement.
I met a man who I was raised with in the Waterford Church of the Brethren many years later.
I asked him if he ever got around to getting baptized, he said that he was not clean enough for Jesus to live in him and he was hoping to get his life cleaned up so Jesus could come in and live with him.
After explaining that only Jesus can clean him up, that he could never get it done by himself, he agreed and gave his life to Jesus.
We often suffer under such wrong impressions or beliefs.
Satan will use anything he can to stop us from becoming a believer in Jesus as The Christ.
What do you need Jesus to remove from your life? He will!
That is why it is the righteousness of Christ that makes us righteous.
There is no thing that we can do to become righteous but to give our lives to Jesus and allow him to clean them up.
In light of this scripture can we say that we will be surprised at who is at the banquet table of Jesus and who is not at the banquet table of Jesus?
Many preachers use this scripture to get the people of their church to accept those who we keep at a safe distance.
I guess that element is present in this scripture.
I believe that the one giving the banquet is God and the ones who make excuses are way to many people who find themselves to busy doing what they think is important to bother with responding to the subtle call of the Holy Spirit.
Many say, later, or like I have heard one relative say, when I get to this level of income I will give a tithe to the church.  I have lost contact with that person but as I know life that level never comes.
Instead we are to be like the owner of Hobby Lobby who told his board that they were going to give a certain amount to God and it was more than they were making at that time.
Read the account of their giving and growth, it is amazing.
You cannot out give God!
There are so many stories of never having enough until they begin tithing and then it all seems to work out.
As long as you do not have enough to tithe you never will!
Tithing changes everything!
Two things to take away from this scripture: accept the invitation, and do not be surprised at who God invites to His table.
My Study Bible claims this is about Israel rejecting Jesus and the Gentiles then being invited.
It believes this is set in the future in the Kingdom of God.
Jesus inviting people to come to his banquet, in His Father’s Kingdom.
The ones who say yes, then do not come, are those who accept then fall away.
The world has to strong a hold on them and keeps them from the Kingdom of God.
The crippled, blind and lame, are those of us who know our human condition and call on God to save us, thus being accepted into the Kingdom of God.
What does this passage say to you?   Who is saying no and who are the ones who do come?
One of my resources calls this, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”.  Like the movie many years back.
How about Jesus being the surprise guest?  Would that be a problem for you?
I hope not for if you have confessed Jesus as Lord he is with you always.
So the problem becomes, is there anything that you do which would make Jesus uncomfortable?
Jesus invites himself to come into our lives.
He does not force his way in, but invites us to commune with him.
He offers to sit as a guest at the table that we would place before him.  In turn he would serve as the host for a banquet that he would provide for us.
Why did Jesus set this interaction with those who are his, as a banquet?
It is a time of feasting and celebrating with our Lord Jesus, The Christ.
It is easy for us to see the Christian life as a famine instead of a feast.
If Jesus is Lord then we live in plenty.
The door is the entrance into our lives and or heart.   And each of us has control over who comes in.
We need Jesus in our lives in order that we have an abundant life and that our joy might be complete.
What does Jesus offer to those who invite him in?
He offers intimate fellowship.  He offers to be our Lord and Savior giving us the gift of forgiveness and eternal life.  He offers a diving presence to be with us always.  He offers to be our friend.  He offers to make our life fulfilling and complete.  He wants to reclaim us for God’s glory and to recreate within us the nature of God.  He wants to rescue us from sin and restore the joy and happiness of living as Father God meant us to live.
What is our part in all of this?  To decide to allow Jesus to enter our lives and make it complete.  If we invite him in he brings the gifts of heaven for each of us.
With an ear attentive to his knocking at the door, respond with the faith that is willing to accept him and with the joy that is willing to welcome him into your life.  This divine Guest can bring to you the gift of forgiveness that is full and free and forever.  He alone can bring you the gift of eternal life and make you a member of the family of God.  And he alone can teach you the truth of God that will help you to live an abundant life in the here and now.  Treat him not as an enemy who wants to invade your life with destructive purposes.  Instead, welcome him as the Friend who loves you so much that he was willing to die for you.  Accept him as being so divine that he conquered death and the grave and lives forever to be the loving Lord of your life.  Who is coming to dinner with you?  Jesus, will you let him in?

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