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Jesus is the power to accomplish
Accomplish what?
Everything; life; victory; whatever is good.
You know, if the “world” ever found out the power Jesus has it would be a different place to life.
Remember the one case in Scripture where a man sees the power the disciples have and asks if he can purchase it?
He is told that it does not work that way.
For it is free to those who qualify for it.
If Christians knew and used the power available to us through Jesus this would be a different place to live.
Why are we so reluctant to apply the power Jesus offers us?
You see a person now and again who has tapped into it and does great things.
I guess part of the problem is the misuse of it.
People who claim to offer it to you but want money instead.
Like Matt. 7:21 and following.
Depart from me you who did it for your own benefit, I never knew you.
Actually Jesus does not know them for they never really knew Jesus, they just used him for their own gain.
I know the power is there, I have seen it on occasion.
It should be the norm not the exception.
We should be operating under the leadership of the Holy Spirit and we should be healing people like Jesus did.
Not only their bodies but all of them.
Go sell what you have, come and follow me.
And he went away sad, for he had much.
Don’t forget this man was a good Jew.
He had done what was required of him since his youth.
And what does Jesus say to him?
If you would be perfect!
It was not that he was not in good standing.
But he had a feeling there was more and he wanted it.
But the only way for him to have more was to have less of the world and more of God.
That is where we live.
We too need to have less of the world and more of God.
If the radicals have their way we will have less that they might have more and the power to decided just what we will have.
Maybe we should describe what this power I am speaking about is for.
It is the power to love the unlovable
The power to die for a friend.
The power to heal.
The power to save.

The power to restore.
The power to know what is the truth, life and the way.
Even the power to not speak.
The power to see what is hidden.
The power to live in the Kingdom of God, now.
It is power, power, wonder working power.
Enough power to be at peace with yourself and others.
Actually today we are looking at some of the promises of Jesus.
While Jesus was here on earth he was trying to prepare his disciples to carry on his work.
Part of his mission was to leave behind those who would take his message and hope to the world.
As he was getting ready to suffer for our salvation he wanted his followers to know that his end on earth would not be the end of him.
His suffering and death would lead to a new life in victory.
One thing Jesus said to help them deal with what was about to happen was to tell them that he was going to prepare a place for them, that where he was they can be also.
They were used to Jesus being with them, they were not ready for him to be gone, for a moment or for a long while.
Would the disciples feel like abandoned orphans when Jesus left them.
Jesus promised that we can know the Father by knowing him.  John 4:5-11
To know Jesus is to know God.
In Jesus we see the Father.
Often we see in a son the earthly image of his father.
For we say, he is the spitting image of his daddy.
The DNA of Jesus and God are the same.
Or I should say the essence or existence are the same.
If you want to know what God thinks about mankind read  what Jesus said about mankind.
We know how God feels about the sick and dying for
Jesus healed them and set them free.
We see the heart of God and his love for people in the love Jesus had for Lazarus.
We know God loves children for Jesus said, do not forbid them to come to me, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven.
God loves sinners for he dined with Zacchaes and took with him Matthew.
Jesus promises that those who love and obey him will do even greater works than he did.  John 14:12-14
The disciples were witnesses to the mighty works of Jesus and then Jesus told them that they could do greater works when he was with the Father.
Did they do great works?
Yes, look at the day of Pentecost when people heard in their own native language.
The power of Jesus was available to his followers.
Jesus promised to send a helper  John 14:15-24

The Holy Spirit would be an advisor and source of help to the disciples.
Jesus himself would be with them though the Holy Spirit.
They would have an abiding presence that would bring love and obedience.
The Holy Spirit would bring them many blessings.  John 14:25-26
He would be an advocate assisting them in speaking for and about Jesus.
The advocate was to be Christ’s representative.
He would guide the disciples into truth and help them recall everything Jesus had told them.
By the time Jesus left them, having spent some time with them after his resurrection, they had a new understanding of Jesus, his mission and their role as followers.
Then there is the promise of peace, oh that wonderful peace.
Jesus did not promise his disciples that their lives would be easy.
The peace Jesus promised was a triumphant overcoming of difficulties and problems.
The world thinks of peace as being where there is no pain or sorrow, a peace of escape.
The peace Jesus gives is shalom, which means everything that makes for our highest good.
It is a peace that is independent of our outward circumstances.
Archibald Rutledge visited an old man living alone in an isolated area.
He said to the man, “You must mind being all alone like this”.  The old man looked up and answered, “Mr. Rutledge, I’m not exactly alone.  I miss all who are gone, but I’m not alone.”
Rutledge replied, “Someone else has been here to see you then, I’m mighty glad to hear it.”
“Captain”, said the old man.  “you know who I mean.  He was my first Friend in life and he will be my last, same as he is to you.  Jesus doesn’t come to see me; he stays with me all the time. I’m not lonely.”
The abiding presence of Jesus in your life brings peace.
Today, by faith, you can appropriate the promises Jesus made to the disciples in the upper room those many years ago.
They are just as current today as is your life.
Your existence can be God’s existence in the world.
And the Mission of Jesus “The Christ” will continue on the earth.




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