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The Church- The Community of the Holy Spirit
This sermon completes the series on “The Nature and Mission of the Church”.
Text: John 14:15-26
Focus Scripture: “The Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you”. John 14: 26
I like to couple Scriptures like this one with, You have not because you ask not.
God puts the responsibility for having squarely upon our shoulders.
We must seek to have.
We must want to be different before the new person can be born in us.
Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all that you need and most of what you want will be given to you.  My translation.
We must seek, and we must realize that it is His righteousness, goodness, perfection, that we are seeking, for we have none on our own.
But the wonderful part is that Father God gives to whose who seek.
He gives His righteousness, goodness, perfection.
And it is given through the Presence of God which is known as the Holy Spirit.
Prayer: God help us to seek.  Holy Spirit, we need your power within us lest we stumble and fall.  Guide us on our way and give us strength as we travel the narrow path of life.  We thank you for providing all of our needs and for the ability to share in the coming of your kingdom on earth.  Bless us as we follow your lead and minister to each other in your name.  Through Jesus or Lord and Savior we pray, Amen.
Do you think that you would have been a follower of Jesus if you had been his contemporary?
If you had seen and heard him while he was on earth?
If we had been there we would have most likely enjoyed the show but not have become a follower of His.
Many of those who saw Jesus did not believe in him.
When something has never happened before it is difficult to know what it is first hand.
As Jesus prepared to complete his task on earth, and feared that his disciples would not be able to understand and continue on, he said: “The Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you”.
Jesus indicated that the Holy Spirit would take his place on earth and would continue all that Jesus had begun.
The Holy Spirit is Jesus Christ with us for the Spirit of God is the Spirit of Christ.
The terms: Holy Spirit, Spirit of  God, His Spirit and Spirit of Christ refer to the same presence of God.
The Holy Spirit is present with believers just as Jesus was during his life on earth.
Jesus died on the cross and left.
John understands the Holy Spirit to be Jesus Christ living with us.
His body was killed but his Holy Spirit lives on.

Through this Spirit Jesus is always with us.
What is the Holy Spirit like?
The Holy Spirit is God, and God is revealed in Jesus Christ.
Therefore the Holy Spirit is Jesus present.
When we ask if this is what Jesus would do, we are asking the Holy Spirit to guide us.
What we know about the Holy Spirit we have learned through the revelation of Jesus Christ.
We are not left alone since Jesus ascended to the father; rather God is always with us in the presence of the Holy spirit.
Now: How the Holy Spirit works with us.
He is our Teacher.
As Jesus was the teacher, Rabbi, on earth, now that he is in heaven it is the Holy Spirit who teaches us.
As Jesus taught about the ways of God and how to live for God, the Holy Spirit now takes that role for us.
The Holy Spirit uses the Scriptures, and the life of Christ as His references.
The New Testament brings us the teaching of Jesus Christ by inspired writers.
The Holy Spirit teaches us partly by helping us to understand the Bible.
Nothing we believe should ever be contrary to the Scripture or the life Jesus demonstrated while on earth.
The Holy Spirit is particularly present in the church.
Although our individual Bible study is important and should not be neglected, we so often sense the Holy Spirit’s presence most keenly in church worship services.
He teaches us as we worship and study in the company of others who are also following Jesus.
For, The Holy Spirit leads the church.
The book of Acts gives examples of this for it is the book of The Acts of the Holy Sprit through the disciples and Apostles.
When you read Acts, you notice that the Holy Spirit is in charge at every  important juncture in the early church,.
It came with power at Pentecost and empowered the church as it moved from a Jewish foundation to the Gentile world.
The Holy Spirit guided and strengthened missionaries in their evangelistic work.
The Holy Spirit leads the church in ministry today.
We need to remember that the Holy Spirit is as alive today as it was in the beginning of the Church of Jesus Christ.
More important than how much we talk about the Holy Sprit is how much we listen to Him as we seek to do his will, which is the will of the Father.
The Holy Spirit is the power within the church.
The Holy Spirit convicts individuals of their sin and leads them to a saving faith in Jesus The Christ.

In John 3 we learn that new birth is brought about by the Holy Spirit and the instrumentality of the Word.
When unbelievers hear the gospel being preached, the Holy Spirit drives it into their hearts so they are convicted of their sin and desire to become a follower of Jesus.
The Holy Spirit empowers Christians to witness.
The only way Christians are able to proclaim the Gospel effectively is by the Holy Spirit giving power to their witness.
The New Testament includes many terms describing the Holy Spirit’s work.
The Holy Spirit enters us at the time of our conversion.
As Paul said, “we were all baptized by one Spirit into one body.”
The “filling” of the Spirit needs to recur continually throughout our lives.
Being moved by the Spirit simply means that the Holy Spirit leads or motivates us to do his work.
The Holy Spirit is related to hearing the Word of God.
We learn in Romans that faith comes by hearing the Word of God.
All missionary and evangelistic work is based on this fact.
The Holy Spirit makes this “hearing” possible.
Apart from the Holy Spirit, a Scripture passage is merely a lesson in ancient history.
The  Church is a “Fellowship of the Holy Spirit”.
True worship depends on the Holy Spirit.
All is in vain unless the Holy Spirit is present.
The church is not the church unless the Holy Spirit is moving within it.
The Holy Spirit gives saving power.
He not only convicts sinners of their sin and thereby makes their faith possible, He also gives power to us as we grow in our Church life.
Without the Holy Spirit churches become religious clubs.
The church does not belong to us it belongs to  God and He works through the Holy Spirit to make it His place, for His Kingdom.
The church is the church of  God when the Holy Spirit is moving within the members and the ministry to provide power and direction.
The Holy Spirit makes the church. “The Church”.
The entire concept of the church, as it appears in the New Testament as the “family of God” and “the body of Christ”, is realized when the Holy Spirit has his way within a congregation.
Then the church is known as a fellowship of the Holy Spirit, a community of believers.
If we wish to see the work of Jesus The Christ done in our individual lives and in our church, we must be assured of the presence of the Holy Spirit with us; that is, we must be born again, and we must continually seek to be filled with His power.

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