We are the Salt of the World
What does salt do?
Can we say that it brings out the best of the food it is added to?
Will you give me that for today so it works to say we are called to be the salt of the world.
To bring out the best of people.
We seem to live in a time when the worst of people is being brought out.
Folks; there had better be a stark contrast to what is going on around us and what is going on in us.
Christians had better start standing out as living by a different standard.
I believe that it is not going to be easy to hide out as a believer much longer.
I told you several years ago that the day is coming when being a Christian will be seen as being against the people in charge.
That day is quickly approaching.
Believing in God, living for Jesus and serving others is going to be seen as enemies of the State.
Jesus is a problem to the establishment.
He was in the beginning and he still is.
To believe in Jesus and live for God and Him, is to live by a different standard.
As we can see right now there is an element in control that want our allegiance to be to those in charge.
Believe what they say, do what they say and ask no questions.
Is this the Spirit of Anti-Christ?
It just might be.
I want you to be aware and prepared and not caught off guard when you have to choose between God and the controlling force that is against God.
Who thought it would be ok to destroy property but you would be put in jail if you continued to do business as usual?
Things are changing, where will it end?
This just could be the beginning of the end times.
And we who believe in God, Jesus and His way of living, “The Way” Jesus brought to the world, will be in the way of their end goal.
Jesus brought a new way of living and asks us to continue that way of living while inviting others to join us in that way of living.
And he calls us the salt that brings out the best.
“You are the salt of the earth.  But if the salt loses it saltiness, how can it be made salty again?  It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.”  Matt. 5:13.
Most people have heard of the Sermon on the Mount.
The teaching of Jesus where he speaks of how to live in regards to one another.
After sharing what we call the beatitudes, Jesus offers a series of teachings that, if incorporated into our lives, would revolutionize our very existence.
When Jesus calls his followers the salt of the earth he is paying them a high complement.
It shows the influence that Christians are to have on society.
We are to be a source of influence.
“You are the salt of the earth.”
Jesus is saying clearly that the source of our influence is found in the person we are.
We are the agent that makes a difference.
By our lives and our character we can exercise the influence of salt in our society.
We must ring true.  Our actions must support our words.
The purity of our private lives has everything to do with the purity of our public influence.
Romans viewed salt as a most pure commodity for it was formed by the sun and the sea.
If Christians are to be the salt of the earth they must be an example of purity.
Christians who want to be spiritually influential must hold high standards of purity in speech, conduct, thought and action.
The presence of salt cannot be ignored, it is a positive influence.
When it is present, we cannot fail to recognize its presence.
If it is absent, we miss it.
When we are the salt of the earth, in the form of Christian influence, people will be aware of it.
It will not always be welcome, but it will be recognized.
But unless Christians are pure, they cannot exercise the power of Christian influence.
What is our sphere of influence.
Where are we to unloose our preserving and purifying powers?
We are to exercise our influence in the here and now, in the community in which we live, in the face of the needs that confront us.
It is our business to see that our community is clean, that it is a wholesome environment in which young people will have the best possible chance to grow and develop.
Salt does its most effective work by being brought in direct contact with the substance on which it is to work.
And so we are not to withdraw ourselves from the world, but as the apostle James said, we are to stay unspotted from the world.
Without the presence of those reflecting the character of Jesus Christ, civilization will self-destruct.
Humankind does not become increasingly pure but tends to become increasingly impure.
The presence of Christians in society is an absolute necessity if that society is to be saved from disintegration.
As Christians we are called on to be the preservative in our society.
We must be those who, by our presence, defeat corruption and make it easier for others to do good.
Christians are to life, what salt is to food.
We are to lend flavor to life.
As a whole Christians have failed, through the years, to be this positive influence.
When people look at us do they want what we have?
Are we life givers or life takers.
Do we exhibit joy complete, or drudgery of practice.

People need to discover the joy and radiance of the Christian faith.
In a world that is so depressed and seems to have lost the luster of life, we as Christians are charged with the joyous responsibility of being the salt of the earth, adding flavor to life.
“But if the salt loses its saltiness . . . “
When Jesus referred to his disciples as salt, they were without question highly complimented.
They had not realized, prior to this, how important they were.
But Christ did not cal them salt in order to send them on an ego trip.
He desired to impress them with a solemn warning, they could lose their saltiness.
That is, they could sacrifice their influence.
Salt, pure sodium chloride as we know it, does not lose it saltiness.
The Palestinians got their salt from the Dead Sea, and that salt was not pure.
It was mixed with other minerals that often affected its flavor.
In time it could become tasteless.
When this happened it was good for nothing but to be thrown out and tramples.
So the disciples were given a solemn warning.
They were to preserve their society or be pulverized by it.
None of us are immune to loosing our own savor.
If  Christians are not fulfilling their purpose, as the salt of the earth, they are on their way to disaster.
The final word of caution that Jesus sounded concerning the end of salt that has lost its saltiness, that it would be thrown out and trampled, indicates that neither God nor people have any use for it.
We may ask, where are the churches of Asia Minor, of Antioch, of Constantinople, and of Alexandria?
They are trodden underfoot!
Over the entrance of a Damascus mosque you can read the half-obliterated inscription, “Thy Kingdom, O Christ, Is an Everlasting Kingdom.”
But above this faded inscription are these words in bold letters: “There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.”
The salt lost its savor.
Is it possible to restore lost savor, to regain sacrificed influence?
Yes, it is!
Christians who have lost their savor can win it back by going again to the source from which they received it.
God placed no obstacles in the way of a penitent returning to the fountain of all power and purity.
When the influence has been sacrificed, there is only one thing to do.
We must repent and return to our fist love.
When this is done, we will once more be “the salt of the earth.”
Once again be a part of bringing the Kingdom of God to earth as it is in heaven.




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